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born with befuddlement
destiny, is to stay here
and thrive
to see the light,
burning bright in the sky

some never make it,
vanquished by someone’s desire
Girl you don’t belong here so better you don’t come out

some make it
against heavy odds and irony’s ire
only to be baptized by fire
pushed to the iron wall, they question

i am you,
good or bad, but like you
allow me to stand,
to speak
 shoulder to shoulder
am i just a crowd pleaser
no, i am not

equality i demand sir
reverence, the same
yes, i am a girl
but no one’s to tame

i may not fit into ‘your’ world
my happiness hinges in moments,
often, little ones
heels, party wear
jewellery, oh dear
take a second to be sad,
sometimes less,
oh i couldn't fit into an old favourite dress

whirlpool of emotions turning every second
i know, boggles your mind to the peak
find a reason to smile,
what else you seek!

the world you imagine
lacks its grandeur without me being myself
whatever it takes
chivalry, genius or earthquake
in a place under the sun,
just let me be who I am!

What you believe is what you want to believe, what you want is what you seek and you seek everything you don’t have.

                - A poem by Sudha Kripal 


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  1. Good one dear. Thumbs up :)

  2. really good sudha.keep it up and move forward

  3. A very strong one... Bravo

    Keep blogging

  4. Thanks all :-) means a lot to me !

  5. Bold statement...nicely expressed... loved it.. :-)

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