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through the eyes of the open casement,
i saw her flying all around
finding nest for her new ones
or making mere amendment

carrying love beneath her wings
unconscious of future happening
she worked from dawn till dim owl light
to toss away all grudges and fright

but who knows what mother nature shows
that comes out its way bears blows
then think of nest before it
a house of twig, a hut of grit

and there comes the rolling clouds
the lightening flashes, the thundering showers
that blew away the nest of grass
and all the dream that birdie draws

it leaves two things for the bird to mend
a broken hut, a broken heart
it challenged the winds of the sky
and waited for a message to be sent

that there it triumphs the devastation
with its twigs of courage and renewation
and flew along its way
saying 'after every night follows a shiny day'

A Poem by Lakshmipriya Pillai 


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  1. Hi Lakshmipriya.. welcome to the team of authors

    And what a debut for that.. very poignant and touching verse..

    "a broken hurt, a broken heart''.. gotta love that :)

  2. Such a moving poem.. twigs of courage n renewation.. how thoughtful..

  3. Uppal says:

    lovely poem and the nest kooks so cute!

  4. Beautiful poem. Loved reading it. I wish I could write a poem such similar to u but I do not have the quality...

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