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dragged dream,
night’s theme
i doubt
black out

silly scent,
hell bent
blood shed,
rose red

nature’s diction,
geometric mean,
labelled green

dirt’s debt
sky upset
cloudy clue
monsoon blue

romantic rhyme
autumn time
forest fog
orange cloak

steady tear
teddy bear
missing link
stupid pink

burning crop
sunflower hot
latrine’s name
yellow’s fame

american dream
fairness cream
racist gown
white, black, brown

darkness died
declared fair
tropical blood
siberian stare

turquoise hills
pearly daffodils
bona fide sigh
jaundiced eye

poor man’s rainbow
rich man’s night
prejudiced peace,
favours white

poet’s tact
floral extract
colour is illusion
it’s all abstract


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  1. I absolutely love this kaleidoscopic profoundness !!

  2. hi maniparna.. i love this expression of kindness ;)

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