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if love is meant to set you free,
why it ends only in monogamy?

why is it important to define,
relations which are bound with time?

can I love without naming it,
sans expectations in every bit?

how am I expected to speak coherently,
when thoughts have me choked already?

is this definition of love hypocrisy,
to be with the person whom you love, eternity?

i struggle, as relationships are few
and if no monogamy, then it’s a broken drop of dew.

i wonder if I can ever stitch this fall,
for I have loved truthfully, yet had to loose all.

         - IamZee (Guest Writer)

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  1. What a beautiful poem. It beautifully describes the distance that creeps in relationships.

    i wonder if I can ever stitch this fall,
    for I have loved truthfully, yet had to loose all.

    Concluding lines packs a punch. Very poignant..

    Hello IamZee.. I am thankful to you for choosing my blog to display such a wonderful poem. I welcome you to the team of guest writers. I would love to know your name but I have no problem if you like to write with this name (IamZee) only.. Thank you once again.. And I would love to see some other colour of your writing.

  2. very interesting..love potrayed in a different form....esp. shades of gray...which are really present in ths relation.

  3. Sri Valli says:

    Lovely poem! esp these lines..."why is it important to define
    relations which are bound with time?"

  4. It is something else to fall in love but entirely a different thing to bind that love with relationship. Very nice poem describing the confusion delicately.

  5. Manvendra Rana says:

    Ambit of Love questioned!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Detached non-love to more then love !

  7. Mixi says:

    A very different aspect of love - the paradox that if love sets you free, then why are we bound by relationships? Is there a link to the guest writer's blog somewhere here?

  8. Anonymous says:

    how beautifully expresses shades of real life..
    .for I have loved truthfully, yet had to loose all.

  9. IamZee says:

    I have never liked confining the depth of the word 'love' to romantic encounters alone. It is the society who has deluded us into thinking
    of love in a uni-directional way, to an extent that today we have almost forgotten what is should really mean!!!

  10. Shreya says:

    really nice poem, sometimes even after "distances love creeps in " on the other hand sometimes "distances creep in love".

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