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droplets of hope,
languished, stoked
numb and narrow,
soaked in sorrow
slippery cheeks,
crestfallen creeks

dire straits,
deadly debates
residue of life,
poisonous fates
once my partner,
since, closed gates!

Oh God!

predicament grave,
souls to save
what do i do?
bugaboo.. hullabaloo..

what do i have?
devastated desire,
a world on fire,
my partner’s ire!

delirious rave,
yesi did misbehave!

sitting on the window,
a hurricane encompassed
my wrists are frozen,
 i just breathe on the glass

put me on yoke,
blow me in smoke
better send me to hallow
without her, i am but shallow

victory is in purse
i have nobody to defeat
silence is my curse,
i have no song to repeat

God, give me light
my partner, my sight
yes, i have low attention span
but i am still her man

my moon has sunk,
this darkness is drunk 
 frail is my flame,
but my love has spunk

pining for you, my love
i go down and above
no more a human,
i am but a mournful dove

every breath i crop
oh, you have been missed
every tear i drop
oh, you have been kissed

if ever, there is god,
if ever, his glory
for all that, and more
my love, i am sorry!

light a candle in my heart,
 and burn every other wish
give me that dream we made,
that flicker in the iris!

You know you have found love, when you cannot find your way back.

- Robert Brault

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